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  Catalog # Description
  DA0000 WE700/WQ101 Temperature, Air or Water
  DAA000 WE700/WQ101-O Temperature, Pressure Pipe
  DB0000 WQ201 pH Sensor
  DBA000 WQ201-O pH Sensor, Pressure Pipe Opt.
  00-449 WQ201 replacement pH Sensor Electrode
  DH0000 WQEXC Cable, Non-Vented
  DCA500 WQ-Cond-1 Conductivity Sensor, 0-200 µS
  DCB500 WQ-Cond-2 Conductivity Sensor, 200-2000 µS
  DCC500 WQ-Cond-3 Conductivity Sensor, 2-20 mS
  DCD500 WQ-Cond-4 Conductivity Sensor, 20-200 mS
  DCE500 WQ-Cond-5 Conductivity Sensor, 200-2000 mS
  DD0510 WQ-FDO/Cond Armor, Stainless Steel
  DD0505 WQ-FDO/Cond Armor, Plastic
  DCA000 WQ301A Conductivity Sensor, 0-5,000 µS
  DCA100 WQ301A-O Conductivity, 0-5,000 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DCB000 WQ301B Conductivity Sensor, 0-10,000 µS
  DCB100 WQ301B-O Conductivity, 0-10,000 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DCC000 WQ301C Conductivity Sensor, 0-20,000 µS
  DCC100 WQ301C-O Conductivity, 0-20,000 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DCD000 WQ301D Conductivity Sensor, 0-2,000 µS
  DCD100 WQ301D-O Conductivity, 0-2,000 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DCE000 WQ301E Conductivity, 0-40,000 µS
  DCE100 WQ301E-O Conductivity, 0-40,000 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DCF000 WQ301F Conductivity Sensor, 0-500 µS
  DCF100 WQ301F-O Conductivity, 0-500 µS, Pressure Pipe Option
  DD0000 WQ401 Dissolved Oxygen Sensor
  DDA000 WQ401-O DO Sensor, Pressure Pipe Option
  DD0500 WQ-FDO 925 FDO Sensor with 4-20 mA Interface
  00-740 WQ401 Replacement DO Electrode
  201330 WQ-FDO 925 Optical DO Sensor Replacement Membranes
  DD0510 WQ-FDO/Cond Armor, Stainless Steel
  DD0505 WQ-FDO/Cond Armor, Plastic
  DE0000 WQ600 ORP Sensor
  DEA000 WQ600-O ORP Sensor, Pressure Pipe Opt.
  DH0000 WQEXC Cable, Non-Vented
  DFJ000 WQ730 Turbidity Sensor,0-50 & 0-1000 NTU
  DG0200 WQ770b Turbidity Meter & Sensor, 0-50 & 0-1000 NTU