Remote Surface Vehicles


HYCAT is a multiparameter man portable survey ASV designed specifically to give surveyors access to data in remote areas YSI HYCAT has mature autonomy – It can operate without a man in the loop It is an Autonomous Surface Vehicle or ASV, a robotic marine vessel/boat that can monitor its health, position, and aspects of its operational environment to automatically navigate and acquire data without the need for continual operator oversight.


The rQPOD is the World’s most compact, cost-effective and modular solution for hydrographic and bathymetric survey systems designed around the SonTek M9, brought by the leading technological brands SonTek and HYPACK.
The rQPOD is a modular system that when attached to a standard size Torrent Board housing both SonTek M9 and S5 RiverSurveyor ADCP systems, transforms into a motorized platform facilitating remote shore operation for easy collection of ADCP data.
Using SonTek’s RiverSurveyor LIVE software, the user can collect river discharge measurements or even undertake a full bathymetric survey using HYPACK software.