Catalog # 6050030


Field Conductivity/Salinity/Specific Conductance/TDS Meter

The Pro30 provides everything you need in a handheld meter that measures salinity, conductivity, specific conductance, total dissolved solids, and temperature. Rugged, simple and reliable.



Catalog # 60530-1 Cond/Temp 1-meter cable assembly sensor included
Catalog # 60530-4 Cond/Temp 4-meter cable assembly sensor included
Catalog # 60530-10 Cond/Temp 10-meter cable assembly sensor included
Catalog # 60530-20 Cond/Temp 20-meter cable assembly sensor included
Catalog # 60530-30 Cond/Temp 30-meter cable assembly sensor included


Catalog # 603074 Carrying Case, soft-sided (large carrying case)
Catalog # 603075 Carrying Case, hard-sided (large carrying case)
Catalog # 603162 Carrying Case, soft-sided (small carrying case, accommodates up to 4-meter cable)
Catalog # 603069 Belt clip
Catalog # 603070 Shoulder strap
Catalog # 63517 Ultra clamp (attach to instrument to secure it to a desk, boat, etc.)
Catalog # 605978 Cable weight, 4.9 oz. (attach to stainless steel tip)
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